Data Quality

In my previous blog I wrote about Big data in E-commerce,  Today I will be Blogging about Data Quality. The reason I choose this topic because it is closely related to big data in Ecomm.

What is Data quality?

Data quality is part of the big data, Big data is a term applied to a new generation of software, applications, and system and storage architecture, all designed to derive business value from unstructured data. Data quality is not necessarily data that is devoid of errors. Incorrect data is only one part of the data quality quality is the fitness or suitability of data to meet business requirements.

Analysis of Data quality:-

As per the image above the top five attributes are Accuracy, Integrity, Consistency, Completeness and Validity generally pertain to the content and structure of data, and cover a mistakes and damage caused to the company that is most commonly associate with poor quality data. Data entry errors, duplicate records, and missing or incorrect data values are also some of the examples of poor data quality. But high quality data is not useful unless knowledge workers cannot understand or access the data in a timely manner. The last two attributes Timeliness and Accessibility above address usability and usefulness, and they are best evaluated by interviewing and surveying business users of the data. Data quality is an vital characteristic in determines the reliability of data for making useful decisions.

Without good data, companies are running blind. They unable to make good decisions because they have no accurate understanding of what is happening within their company or the marketplace. They rely on intuition, which is dangerous in a fast moving companies This is where data quality management come in place Managing data quality is a never ending process. Even if a company gets everything accurate in today’s data quality problems, there will be new and different challenges tomorrow.

Many bigger companies do launch a data quality programmes as well to ensure data is of good quality and useful for the company. Below are the steps involved in while launching a Data quality program.

Companies that manage their data as a strategic resource and invest in its quality are already pulling ahead in terms of reputation and profitability as compared to those who are not taking their data quality seriously. Good quality data of a company generates more revenue and increase the reputation of the company.


To conclude, I think that the Quality of data plays a vitals role in the success of a business. Even then Data Quality is always seen as a non functional requirement. And as such key data quality checks, and processes are not factored into the final software solution in this high tech era. Many companies spend so much money buying  good data for their business. i think some tools and software should be build to ensure the data is recorded and of good quality to save time and money of the team and the companies.

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